Dope D.O.D. - What Happened Минус prod. A.M. 320 kb/s

Dope D.O.D. - What Happened  ( Минус prod. A.M. ) 320 kb/s

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Добавлено: 2016-10-27

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Hey yo whats up Jay Reap?
Nigger Whats cracking
What youre doing
Whats going on
Whats happening?

Nowadays Ill be pimping *and macking*
Selling cracking nigger are you still rapping/
What up

I hang with the hardest mother fuckers
I got rhymes from the bucket make you niggers wanna suck it
But you loveless, I'm the epitome of God gifted
When I busted my first rap the whole planet shifted
Lifting your mind to the next stress hemisphere
Next level shit so you best just step in here
Check my gear, I got flavor mad hip hop
I can front in the roughest neighborhood and not get shot
I black out when niggers start hating shit
Run over your crew like the New England Patriots
The craziest but I am also the laziest
never turn on the tv so I don't know who Jay-z is
What happened to rap and the 2.0 era
While you are getting worse I am only getting better
Niggers too old, J young and fresha'
I put them under pressure, professor I test ya


What happened? Dope D.O.D became the illest
What happened? Phony M.Cs is getting finished
What happened? You face defeat and we are the winners
Wicked with the lyrics in the minute you're diminished

I hear people say back in the days he wasnt like this
Stuck in a cycle of drug sex and violence
The nicest reflects on your iris
gingivitis erupts through the gums of plenty of biters
I'm the Excalibur weaponry wielder
Do you dare step into the deadliest field of
Find More lyrics at
hard core hip hop, we laugh at your idols
I fuck your advice, I walk the path of a psychos
I kill MCs regardless of which rhyme I drop
On top of the corpses we climb to the top
So who's next to flop cause he thought he was heavy
The last one retired when I tore through his belly
The Cyborgs are ready to reboot the system
People go missing and I seems to have vanish
They ask me what happened? Why do I act funny?
I stay braindead like I got bitten by a rat monkey

Every day I hear the same fucking BS
The same old song, you just dont progress
You wont confess that youre all fame obsessed
Ive seen it all and I am far from impressed
I get a lot of criticism, you can be my guest
This hip hop shit just got repossessed
Peeps dont wanna see us have any success
Is time for these rookies to go hit the benchpress
You are not the guy I used to know
Its all about the rate of flow
he's even got a Golden Globe what a way to go
this prick didn't even greet me at the show
thinks he makes art like he is Vincent van Gogh
But no I turn from amateur to pro
I put in work daily
You just dont know

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