Dota 2 - The International 5 TI5

Dota 2 - The International 5 (TI5)

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Добавлено: 2016-11-22

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Original Blank Space - Taylor Swift

CDEC, F-god,
Perfect flares
This year we saw incredible things
Booty wizards, luscious hair
Saw the prize pool and I thought oh my god
18 million, thats more than the Wimbledon
Holy crap its Jeremy Lin

Brood mid, bottle pools
Stuff your pubs will be copying
Careful where you drop your Euls
And I know you heard about G
With that aegis deny
Makes him this years kyxy
16 teams and one big prize
Hope this will be better than the last TI

So one team will take the aegis
And Chuan is gonna eat the cheese
Cant wait to see all of the upsets
Thanks for rares and bugattis
The post shuffle will brutal
Reddit will blow up in flames
But you know these boys are players
And we love this game

Some teams will get a bit reckless
Then Burning will get way too farmed
The plays will leave you breathless (mmm)
And even you can be a star
Key Arenas packed with people
You cant contain this hype
And you can find it all here
At TI5

Neck pillows
Marchs roar
The way Dendi makes Puppey smile
Techies banned, wheres pit lord?
Merlini using his manta style
Cosplayers having fun
ROTK BibleThump
C9s last draft, they have no stuns
Oh Bone...

Feeding, pausing, full team wipes
Workshop artists just being boss
Next level courier snipes
Forget your expectations like oh my god
VG.Hao?, VP just knocked Secret out
There goes all predictions now
Were all a bit shocked but at least we have deadmau5

USA takes the aegis
Chuans still gonna eat the cheese
We got to see a lot of upsets
Thanks for the rares and bugattis
This year Valve had really tried
But the closing still got hate
Cmon, lets look at the bright side
Its not Katie Kate

Everyone had a story
Like how the wildcard just went ham
But EG went and won the glory
A 6-million echo slam
Already cant wait for the majors
Theres still so much hype
But it was one great week here
At TI5

By fwosh
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