Les Miserables OST - Fantine's Arrest Javert\'s part

Les Miserables OST - Fantine's Arrest (Javert's part)

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Добавлено: 2017-04-09

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Tell me quickly what's the story
Who saw what and why and where
Let him give a full description
Let him answer to Javert
In this nest of whores and vipers
Let one speak who saw it all
Who laid hands on this good man here?
What's the substance of this brawl?

Javert, would you believe it
I was crossing from the park
When this prostitute attacked me
You can see she left her mark

She will answer for her actions
When you make a full report
You may rest assured, M'sieur,
That she will answer to the court.

There's a child who sorely needs me
Please M'sieur, she's but that high
Holy God, is there no mercy?
If I go to jail she'll die

I have heard such protestations
Every day for twenty years
Let's have no more explanations
Save your breath and save your tears
Honest work, just reward,
That's the way to please the Lord.

Видео Ruthie Henshall - Fantine's Arrest (Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert - Royal Albert Hall)
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