Little Big - Dead Unicorn

Little Big - Dead Unicorn

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Добавлено: 2016-12-23

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Dead unicorn

Emulating life

Advertising causes a slavery
Who is degrading you for a penny?
Who let you breath everyday as a favour?
Life on credit you pay for a preview

Your attempt to be happy is failure
Entertaining is your fucking jailer
Rave for masses, commercial inhaler
Stand back and seat as your unicorn's dying here

Dead unicorn

Now its time to break up with the system
Our reasons are clear and listed
Come on and change the cause of the history
Take off disguise of that rotten mystery

Are you here to prove you are winning?
Your shackled dreams are waiting and screaming
You are the one who controls your relieving
Don't let your last unicorn die in here

Delay the pressure brother staying pure, look at me dead unicorn
Delay the pressure brother stay with me, take my hand dead unicorn

Видео Little Big - Dead Unicorn (Live at Budapest Park)
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